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Company production business philosophy:
Customer First
sustained progress
Quality First

quality policy:
In order to quickly adapt to market-oriented, to better meet the needs of customers, and the company's management process and production process to achieve precise excellent control and supervision. The company has established a perfect quality control and quality processing system.
All work carried out are in strict accordance with the system requirements
to achieve the purpose of customer satisfaction.
The company is committed to enhance the level of management, staff to
enhance the quality
, technology, and yield improvement, control the upgrade
of production points, output and cost than enhance.

Everything from the customer point of view, from the perspective of standardization, fine, zero defect to the pursuit of excellent qualified products is Mulmic relentless pursuit!

The company's quality management and quality control system:

To ensure that the output of products to meet customer requirements, Mulmic established quality control and management system:
Mulmic the normal production management and control processes
Mulmic exception handling and customer complaints management process
Mulmic new product introduction, samples confirm management processes
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