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MulMic according as ISO2859 sampling SPEC
Function Test :        C=0 , AQL=0.4
Appearance Test :  L=II , AQL=1.5
Some special part do 100% inspection

Previous Perparing before manufacture
Each project must do previous perpare
1,Part SOP,SIP CP checking ,perparing
2,Row material checking , perparing
3,PL,QA equipment, tools,checking

Normal / abnormal production dispose
MulMic each process must comply the
part SOP ,SIP ,The whole process must
comply project CP
MulMic process abnormity must comply
abnormity production procedure

MulMic shipment
Mulmic according as ISO2859 sampling SPEC
Function Test :         C=0, AQL=0.4
Appearance Test:    L=II,  AQL=1.0
After PL 100% inspection
Consider the part characteristic
MulMic QA also will do 100% inspection


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